Traffic Incident Management Personnel

Professional Certification Has Arrived!

Until the actual NFPA 1091 Standard was effective, the fine, detailed work could not be finalized to create a Certification Program.  Once effective, the Fire Academy began the journey to determine how to ensure the candidate not only knew the material but could demonstrate operation within emergency scenarios.

At the February, 2019 Instructor's Workshop, the first pilot of a Certification Program was run.  One dozen instructors were subjected to the untested tests to ensure the program was both fair and rigorous enough to earn the coveted stamp of approval.

The results were sent to IFSAC and Pro-Board and after some tweaking have received their final approval.  The program is now available statewide!

Taking the new Basic Fire Police and new Advanced Fire Police classes if you're a Fire Police Officer, or if not, the proposed Responder Traffic Control program (16-hour version) will most certainly prepare you for testing!  ICS-200's a great help, too!



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