Traffic Control Laws

There are several laws affecting traffic control in Pennsylvania.  The underlying set of rules is called the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which is the Federal Highway Administration's bible.

Pennsylvania adopted the MUTCD on February 4, 2006, with Title 67, Chapter 212, Traffic Control Devices (Publication 212).

The Vehicle Code has a few sections that relate to Traffic Control.  These are shown on this page, while the MUTCD, Pub 212, and other regulations are on the Regs & Guides link.

Enjoy - these are the real deal - not what Fred back at the Firehouse THINKS the rules are...  The handout contains all of these Sections / Laws, plus many more.  

Section 3102 - Obedience to Authorized Persons Directing Traffic - sets up the rules on who may direct traffic, requires proper attire and equipment

Section 3105 - Drivers of Emergency Vehicles - this is the law that says what privileges emergency vehicles have, provided they drive safely and have lights and siren on.  This section also delineates preemptive devices for traffic-control signals.

Section 3325 - Duty of Driver Upon Approach of Emergency Vehicle - says everyone must immediately pull over and stop upon lights/siren signal to do so.

Section 3327 - Duty of Driver in Emergency Response Areas - better known as the "slow down, move over" rule, this provides a definition of an emergency scene that is not beneficial to Fire Police, as it indicates where the band-aid is being put on the boo-boo.  We are working to clarify this, as Fire Police may be putting up signs or at Traffic Control Points literally a mile away from the actual incident.  This Section also is the basis for the Report of Violation Form (see the link).

Section 3346 - Emergency Vehicles Entering or Leaving Official Garage - this is where it specifically requires people to stop for the fire truck to back into the bay.  (You should always have a spotter - and be careful for the idiot motorists!)

Section 6109 - Excerpt - Police Powers - what can you do legally as a Fire Police Officer?  Here's the real deal to show you exactly what you may do - remember that you have to show how this helps the incident's efforts!

Section 5507 - Crimes Code Section relating to Obstructing Highways or Other Public Passages - applies to those situations where people just won't stay off the road - or where a FD unnecessarily blocks what should NOT be blocked...

All in one handout - This provides all of the above Sections plus several other related Vehicle Code and Crimes Code Sections, and is updated annually at a minimum...



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