Regulations and Guides

This page will provide a link for you to obtain the books you need to fully understand the task.  Check out Part 6 of the MUTCD - Temporary Traffic Control - it speaks specifically of cops and firefighters and others authorized to direct traffic at incidents!  Pub 213 is chock full of diagrams so we don't have to reinvent the wheel!  How's that for easy!

MUTCD - The Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - this will get you onto the page where you decide which Chapters you wish to actually download.  Again, check out Part 6, especially Part 6-I.

PUB 212 - Traffic Control Devices

PUB 213 - Temporary Traffic Control - loaded with diagrams! (large file)

Pub 213 Excerpts - diagrams and notes only - only the material that AFFECTS US!

PUB 234 - Flagger Handbook



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