Red & Blue Light Laws

Without a doubt, some of the most debated and ignored laws within Pennsylvania!

Everyone is an expert when it comes to Pennsylvania's red and blue light laws, but the bottom line is easy - if it isn't written below, it isn't  law.  There's a handy one-page guide to carry or post at the Fire House, and there's the entire law posted here.  We close with some FAQs - if you have questions not covered here, don't hesitate to ask!

Light Law Pamphlet

PennDOT Regulations

Vehicle Code excerpt - covers lights plus so much more...

FAQs - includes Red Lights on the Fire Police Captain & Lieutenant's POV

One thing we wish to point out - the Traffic Control Emergency Directional Light Assembly (arrow stik, etc) on the back of your fire trucks are to warn motorists approaching the rear of your fire truck that they are approaching a hazard.  If on, show how you are providing Traffic Control, show where the emergency is, and show what direction you are sending the motorist...  Misuse will cause people to ignore lights, which endangers all of us!



We also want to throw a bitch at Representative Brandon Boyle and all of the legislators who stupidly voted to support Boyle.  Boyle decided that the experts who were used to establish the regulations didn't know what we were talking about.  Boyle has decided - that even though there is NO requirement for Fire Departments to have driver training - that they are somehow special.  Boyle amended the Vehicle Code to supercede the regulations to allow Fire Chiefs and FD vehicles to have lights mounted inside the vehicle behind glass.  What's really important here is that not a single manufacturer of lighting will claim their products still meet the Class 1 light output requirements when mounted inside of the vehicle.  So, we now have obstructions through glass, questionable light output, flashback into the vehicle, and unless a light is on the roof, a loss of 360 degree visibility.  We guess a Philadelphia Democrat and our legislators know more than experts!  Wow...  Also, the following year they added some additional changes that do specifically allow us as Fire Police Captain and Lieutenant to also use inside lighting; however, we still caution against this.  Lights are now permitted for Fire and us to go forward and rearward, but the regs don't say we can have sideways - all while 360 degree visibility is still required.  Don't let your house, car, wife and dog get taken away in a lawsuit!

Also, thanks to all of the cops who don't routinely enforce these sections.  All we ask is that you do your sworn duty...

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