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This is a traffic control website, designed for all of us who actually have had to dodge traffic.  If you have a site that fits in with us, let us know not only the web address, but any additional information.

Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firefighter's Association created and hosts a website designed for a great deal of things that are of value to us.  You've probably heard of it by name:   This site is a gold mine!  While you're there, join the CVVFA!

The ‘Official’ Pennsylvania Fire Police Association website

The Fire Police Activist website

The PA Emergency Health Services Council (PEHSC), in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS, has created a new EMS recruitment website.  This informational website has been developed to provide information to the general public who may be interested in a career in Emergency Medical Services.  This new recruitment website can be found at  Contents of this public  website include:   How to become involved in EMS, Nature of work, Job outlooks, Types of emergencies, Where to obtain training, Working environment, Resources/links, and Testimonials from current EMS Providers



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