Detour Sign Kit

Incidents frequently require road closures.  It's not only someone from out-of-town who may need directions around a closed road - many times a longtime resident only knows one way to get from Point A to Point B.  The MUTCD requires we establish and post detours by the 2-hour mark.

With this kit, posting a detour was never so easy nor clear to the motorists. 

Comprised of two Detour Signs, 20 Trailblazer Arrow Signs, and two End Detour Signs, you can establish a detour that will eliminate anxiety of the motorist and also eliminate the issues of motorists who cannot follow instructions.

T & W Traffic Control of Rohrerstown, Lancaster County, has worked very hard to copy the exact "fluorescent pink" that our roll-up signs reflect in these kits.  Made out of aluminum, each sign is durable yet lightweight.  Trailblazer posting is usually done with bungee cords to trees or utility poles, or nuts/bolts to existing signposts. 

Contact T & W at 717 560-7806 to order your set today - $685 buys the entire set shown above!  Fireman's Relief and Grant funds are able to be used for purchase.

Show your professionalism by using the correct tools of our job!



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