One frequent item we are asked for is for generic SOPs.  That is, most FDs do not have any rules in place to specifically govern Fire Police operations. 


So, for your viewing pleasure, here are a few generic SOPs.  Simply adding a bit, maybe removing a bit, and adding your FD name is lots easier than developing operations guides from scratch...  These are written in Microsoft Word, so they can easily be modified.


Roadway Operations - covers the entire Fire Department and all personnel

Fire Police Response - provides some guidance regarding Fire Police response due to the needs of traffic being different from just any pager activation.

Vehicles (relates to assigning duties of cleaning, restocking, fuel levels, inspection, etc)

Take-Home Vehicle - for those busier agencies who are smart enough to realize that the time wasted by driving to the Station to pick up a vehicle could better be put to use actually on the road

Fire Police Report - this isn't an SOP, but a generic report to cover the activity of Fire Police at incidents.


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